Lumerical 2013 Suite

Lumerical 2013 Suite x86 x64-0mBrE | 1.19GB

Lumerical Solutions Inc. a global provider of photonic design software announced new Lumericals release products and includes releases of FDTD Solutions 8.5 MODE Solutions 6.0 INTERCONNECT 2.5 and DEVICE 2.0. This release will reinforce Lumericals status as the most frequently referenced vendor of dedicated photonic design tools by R&D professionals.

FDTD Solutions: Single and multi-processor finite-difference time-domain optical design software.
MODE Solutions: Waveguide eigenmode solver and omni-directional broadband propagator design software.
INTERCONNECT: Optoelectronic and photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design software package.
DEVICE: Powerful semiconductor TCAD device simulation software for silicon-based optoelectronic structures.