Just like children some computer programs dont like to cleanup after themselves. They leave their toys laying around for Windows to come along and trip over often crashing your computer. PC Repair can find and eliminate these problems before they cause you to lose valuable information or uptime. PC Repair can even fix some problems with your computer you ve created yourself.

When you have PC Repair you can feel a little more comfortable knowing that theres always someone there to help you correct your computer mistakes

1. Detects and fixes corrupt registry problems
2. Detects and fixes bad COM/DLL problems
3. Detects and fixes missing Font problems
4. Detects and fixes Application uninstall problems
5. Lets you undo all changes made to your system
6. Optimizes Recent Documents and Internet Cache performance
SpecificationsCurrent Version: 2.0
Platforms: Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows XP

RequirementsRequirements: 64MB Memory - Pentium II or Greater Class Processor

calisirken farkina varmadiginiz bozulan registry ve COM/DLL problemlerini onarir

start scan tiklayin
islem tamamlandiktan sonra make repair tiklayin islem bitti

indir trial
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