Cut off the light take a look
There's nothing beyond but pain
Suffer in the deepest void
The flame of hope is gone
What have I done?
Denied the father and the son
For a moment it seemed
There's space beyond the spheres

Aflame the night
So clear and bright
Unstable light
(You've been sacrificed in fear)
Now there's one thing for sure
I'm not afraid anymore

Day after day we've been fixed in this bowl for so long
For ages we're captured in shells and crystallized walls

Predestined or punished? By Man or God?

I cannot I will not
Deny It's false innocence
I cannot I will not
The age of false innocence
(Take it away from me)

(And) for a while astronomy has moved the Earth
And we've turned around the Sun
(Sanctum Officium)
Has made me believe
Has made me believe
Has made me believe