A sense of denial
Come witness my trial
The crow has turned into a liar
I'll live i may die
I've failed though i've tried
But finally i fly

It is the fool
Who puts faith in false saviors
The innocent understands
He's still falling

And furthermore
He's now aware
�come spread your wings
Awake now�
The enemy within
Will soon appear

You're trapped in my mind
Ask for the key
Don't search for fine lines
There's no release

Though i can feel its presence
There's a sign to reveal
Then after all
I'm sure i'll keep on falling

They send a sign
When dead winter will come again
There from the ruins i will rise

Fear the voice in the dark
Be aware now
Believe in dark wings and dark words
The shadow returns
Fear the voice in the dark
Be aware now
Black shadows they hide and they wait
But they soon will return

It will never be the same
And nothing remains
I can't find a way
But i'm facing it
Oh there will be no savior

I can foresee all the pain
They are about to creep in
�curse me hate me hurt me kill me�