1. Present Participle = V(ing)

noun phrase+ doing/being done (yapan/yapılan)

* The coursiers taking notes
* People smoking cigarette
* Those accusing the government
* The one waiting at the corner
*The ones climbing up the fence
*Those learning a foreign language
*People residing in this building
*The book giving detailed information
*The company employing 400 people
* The computers using this programme
* The crime being committed
* The car being repaired
* The bridge being maintained by the workers

2.) Past Participle= V(3)

noun phrase + Verb3

* The man seen at the supermarket
* The injured people founda in the incident place
* The book published in 1949
* The letter send to me by an old friend
* The worker fired by the boss sued the company
* The article issued at a magazine published weekly in a town located near Ankara has been critisized

3.) Perfect Participle

noun phrase + having done
having been doing
having been done (passive)
having been being done (passive)

* The researchers having visited more than 20 cuntries so far.
* The committee having been working for 2 consecutive years
* The book of Farabi having been translated into many languages up to now.
* The lost city having been being looked for by many adventurous explorers for hundres of years.

4.) Omitting relative pronouns

* Ali Ali likes to play with is a good person ( Ali whom/that Ali likes to play with is a good person)
* The car (which/that) you want to buy.
* The exam (which) we are preparing for.