Edatlar (prepositions) cümle içinde sözcükler ya da söz öbekleri arasında anlam ilgisi kuran kelimelerdir. Bu sözcükler ile diğer sözcükler arasındaki anlam ilgisi hareket zaman uzam (yer) ve mantık açısından kurulur.

Örneğin; on in under beside kelimeleri edatdır.

The cat is in the kitchen (Kedi mutfakta).
The cat is on the table (Kedi masada).
The cat is under the table (Kedi masanın altında).
The cat is beside the wall (Kedi duvarın yanında).

Yaygın kullanılan İngilizce edatların bazıları şunlardır:

above at by into toward
about before down like through
across behind during near under
after below except of until
against beneath for off up
along beside from on upon
among between in since with
around beyond inside to within


1. Hakkında: This is a story about elephants.
2. Yaklaşık olarak: He is about ten years old.


1. Üzerinde: The plane flew above the clouds.
2. Earlier on a page: There is a heading above each diagram.


1. Bir uçtan diğer uca: We walked across the field.
2. Karşı taraf: There is a store across the street.


1. Sonra (zaman): after 5 o'clock; after dinner
2. Sonra (dizi): B comes after A in the alphabet.
3. Ardından: The dog ran after the cat.


1. Karşı: Theft is against the law.
2. Daslamak (destek): I leaned my back against the wall.


1. Boyunca: We walked along the road.


1. Arasında (İkiden fazla şeyin): I was among three people.


1. Çevresinde: We walked around the block.
2. çevreleyen: There is a fence around the garden.
3. Çeşitli yerler: I looked around the house for the keys.
4. Geriye: We turned around and went back home.
5. Yaklaşık olarak: He is around six feet tall.


1. de da (Yer): at 23 Chestnut Street; at the park
2. an (zaman): at 5 o'clock; at Christmas
3. an (durum): at peace; at war; at rest
4. etkinlik: at work; at school; at play
5. e doğru: Look at someone; wave at someone


1. Önce (zaman): before two o'clock; before Christmas
2. Önce (dizi): S comes before T in the alphabet.


1. At the back of: The little girl hid behind her mother.
2. Late: I am behind in my work.
3. Cause; origin: Who was behind that idea?


1. Altında: below freezing; below sea level
2. Altında (sonra): Footnotes are provided below the text.


1. Altında: beneath the earth


1. Yanında bitişiğinde (fiziksel): I sit beside her in class.


1. Ek olarak -de -da: We study other languages besides English.


1. Arasında (konum): Toronto lies between Montreal and Vancouver.
2. Arasında (zaman): between Christmas and New Year's Day
3. Arasında (dizi): B comes between A and C in the alphabet.
4. Arasında (miktar): between five and ten people
5. Arasında (içinde): I was between two people.


br> 1. Ötesinde: The mountains lie beyond the horizon.
2. Ötesinde (fazlalık): That was beyond my expectations.


1. den başka: I have read all but the last chapter.


1. Yakınında: a house by the sea
2. Yanından: He waved as he drove by the house.
3. Not later than: Try to finish the work by next week.
4. birden çok birim: cheaper by the dozen; sold by weight
5. vasıtasıyla: travel by plane; written by him


1. ilgili: He learnt everything concerning whales.


1. e rağmen: We walked downtown despite the rain.


1. Aşağı: The ball rolled down the hill.
2. Aşağıda: He lives down the street.


1. Boyunca (dönem): She works during the day.
2. Boyunca (dönem): An accident occurred during the night.


1. dışında den başka: I have visited everyone except him.


1. Süre (zaman): We walked for two hours.
2. Mesafe: I walked for five kilometers.
3. Amaç: I bought this jacket for you.
4. Yönelim: She left for New York.
5. Lehinde: We are for the proposal.
6. göz önüne alma: The boy is clever for his age.


1. -den (koken): We left from Boston; he comes from Mexico
2. Başlangıç (zaman): from now on; from yesterday until today
3. Başlangıç (dizi): From 20 to 30 people were present.
4. Neden: He suffers from nervousness.
5. kaynak: I first heard the story from you.


1. İçinde (alan): in London; in Europe
2. İçinde (yer): in the room; in the building
3. İçinde (zaman dilimi): That happened in March in 1992.
4. İçinde (belli bir zaman): I will return in an hour.
5. ile kullanarak: write in pencil; speak in English
6. Durum: in doubt; in a hurry; in secret
7. de da (gruba ait): He is in the orchestra; in the navy
8. İçinde (giyim): the woman in the blue skirt (mavi etekli kadın)
9. açısından: lacking in ideas; rich in oil


1. İçinde: They are inside the house.

1. İçe doğru (hareket: We stepped into the room.
2. -e -a (değişim): The frog changed into a prince.


1. Benzeyen: That looks like him.
2. Olası: It looks like rain.


1. Çıkarma: Three minus two equals one.


br> 1. Yakın: near the school; near the ocean


1. -in ın (yer): east of here; the middle of the road
2. -in -ın (aidiyetsahiplik): a friend of mine; the sound of music
3. üyesi (takım küme): one of us; a member of the team
4. Birim: a cup of milk; two meters of snow


1. uzak uzağında: Please keep off the grass.
2. Biraz ötesinde (mesafe): There are islands off the coast.


1. Üstünde (yüzeye dokunur): on the table; on the wall
2. belli zaman: That happened on Sunday on the 6th of June.
3. Belli yer: on South Street
4. Hakkında: a book on engineering
5. Durum: on strike; on fire; on holiday
6. ile aracılığıyla: live on a pension; shown on television


br> 1. yukarı doğru: The child climbed onto the table.


1. karşı karşıya: The library is opposite the fire station.

Out of

1. Dışına: She went out of the room.
2. Bir kısmı: We won two games out of three.
3. Motive: We spoke to them out of politeness.
4. Madde: The bridge is made out of steel.
5. -siz -sız dışında: out of control; out of danger


br> 1. dışında (yer): outside the house
2. ötesinde (limit): outside my experience


1. üzerinde (dokunma yok): There are cupboards over the sink.
2. Üzerine (kaplama): We spread an extra blanket over the bed.
3. üzerinden: I jumped over a puddle.
4. fazla: It cost over ten dollars; it took over an hour
5. Boyunca: I saw him several times over the past week.
6. Aracılığıyla: We made plans over the telephone.


1. geçene kadar: I walked past the house.
2. Sonra (zaman): It was past 2 o'clock; half past two
3. geçmiş: past belief


1. her bir: 60 kilometers per hour; price per liter


1. ekleme: Six plus four equals ten.


1. -den beri (zaman): I had been waiting since two o'clock.


1. Baştan başa; baştan sona içinden: the main road through town
2. Bütün: I slept through the night.
3. Aracılığıyla: Skill improves through practice.


1. Her yerinde: throughout the world
2. bütün bütünüyle: throughout the winter


br> 1. -e a (Yön yönelim): Turn to the right.
2. -e -a (hedef): I am going to Rome.
3. -e -a (karşılaştırma): They prefer hockey to soccer.

Toward (or Towards)

1. -e doğru (yer): We walked toward the center of town.
2. -e doğru (zaman): It rained towards evening.


1. Altında (konum): under the desk; under the trees
2. Altında (Azlık): Under 100 people were present.
3. Altında (koşul): under repair; under way; under discussion


1. Altında: underneath the carpet


1. -e kadar: She will stay until Friday; until 5 p.m.


1. Yukarı (yer): We went up the stairs.
2. yakarda (yer): She lives up the hill.

Up to

1. Kadar: up to now; I have read up to page 100.
2. -e bağlı: The decision is up to you.
3. Uygun: His work is up to standard.


1. Karşı (spor): The next game is England versus Australia.


1. Üzerinden: He went to Los Angeles via San Francisco.


br> 1. ile (Birlikte): He came with her; I have my keys with me.
2. ile (içinde barındıran kapsayan): Here is a book with a map of the island.
3. Aracılığıyla kullanarak: I repaired the shoes with glue.
4. ile (tarz): with pleasure; with ease; with difficulty
5. Çünkü: We were paralyzed with fear.


1. İçinde: within twenty minutes; within one kilometer


1. -siz -sız: Do not leave without your coat; without money