Shopping for a Sweater

1.Can I help you?
2. Yes I�m looking for a sweater.
1. What size are you?
2. I�m an extra large.
1. How about this one?
2. Yes that�s nice. Can I try it on?
1. Certainly there�s the changing rooms over there.
2. Thank you.
1. How does it fit?
2. It�s too large. Do you have a large?
1. Yes here you are.
2. Thank you. I�ll have it please.
1. OK how would you like to pay?
2. Do you take credit cards?
1. Yes we do. Visa Master Card and American Express.
2. OK here�s my Visa.
1. Thank you. Have a nice day!
2. Thank you goodbye.


Customer (Müşteri): Good afternoon (İyi günler).
Receptionist (Resepsiyonist): Good afternoon (iyi günler). How can I help you? (Size nasıl yardımcı olabilirim?)
Customer: I have a reservation for the name of Jack Swift (Jack Swift adına bir rezervasyonum var).
Receptionist: I�ll check right now (Şimdi kontrol ediyorum). Hmm.. Yes Mr Jack Swift. (Evet Bay Jact Swift). Your reservation is for three days isn�t it? (Rezervasyonunuz üç günlük öyle değil mi?)
Customer: Yes it is (Evet öyle).
Receptionist: Your room number is 202 (Oda numaranız 202). Here is your key (Buyrun anahtarınız). Bellboy will bring your luggages. (Bellboy {Otellerde valizleri odaya taşıyan hizmetli } valizlerinizi getirecek). Have a nice day (İyi günler dilerim).
Customer: Thank you (Teşekkür ederim).


It hasn�t rained a drop for months.
A drought has just set in and the two people in the dialogue below are very concerned�
Sally: I think a drought has set in. It hasn�t rained a drop for months.
Ethan: I think so too but didn�t it rain last month?
Sally: It did rain last month but the rainfall was only half the monthly average.
Ethan: Oh. That bad?!
Sally: That�s right. It�s really bad. I�m really concerned though not panicked yet.
Ethan: I don�t blame you. The pastures have browned out even before the summer hasn�t arrived.
Sally: Yeah and the soil has been baked so hard that the plow can�t even break the soil.
Ethan: Looks like it�s going to be an ongoing thing that would get worse each day.
Sally: Yeah. If it doesn�t rain it�s going to get critical.

(At a party)
Peter: Hello.
Jane: Hi!
Peter: My name is Peter. What�s your name?
Jane: My name is Jane. Nice to meet you.
Peter: It�s a pleasure. This is a great party!
Jane: Yes it is. Where are you from?
Peter: I�m from Amsterdam.
Jane: Amsterdam? Really are you German?
Peter: NO I�m not German. I�m Dutch.
Jane: Oh you�re Dutch. Sorry about that.
Peter: That�s OK. Where are you from?
Jane: I�m from London but I�m not British.
Peter: No what are you?
Jane: Well my parents were Spanish so I�m Spanish too.
Peter: That�s very interesting. Spain is a beautiful country.
Jane: Thank you. It IS a wonderful place.

: Two students in a language school café.

A: Hi! I'm Hong lei. What's your name?
B: Hello Hong Lei. My name's Ricky.
A: Hi Ricky. Are you a new student here?
B: Yes I had my first lesson this morning. Are you a new student too?
A: No I've been here for six months.
B: Six months. That's a long time.
A: It's not so long really. What class are you in? Intermediate or �?
B: Intermediate Three. And what about you?
A: I'm in Advanced One. Who's your teacher?
B: I can't remember her name but she's got curly red hair.
A: Ah! Does she wear glasses?
B: Yes I think so.
A: That's probably Anne Wallis.
B: Yes that's right. Do you know her? Is she your teacher too?
A: No. But she taught me last term. How long have you been here?
B: Only a week.
A: Wow not long. Where do you live? With a family?
B: Well I'm staying at the YMCA at the moment. I'm looking for somewhere
more permanent. Do you know of any good places?
A: Yes. Actually my friend has a spare room in here apartment and she's
looking for a flatmate. Would you like her phone number?
B: That would be great! Thanks for your help. Can I buy you coffee?

Wife: Hello darling! Did you have a good day today?
Husband: It was okay.
Wife: Would you like a drink?
Husband: No thanks I�m not thirsty.
Wife: Dinner will be ready at six. Are you hungry?
Husband: Not really.
Wife: Oh. Did you pick up the suits from the cleaners?
Husband: Yes I did.
Wife: Good. Are you going to the pub tonight?
Husband: Yes. I�ll be back at the same time as usual.

Visiting a friend

Hostess: Come and sit down. Would you like a drink?
Guest: Oh yes please! I'd love a gin and tonic.
Hostess: Do you like olives? Or would you prefer crisps?
Guest: Oh just olives please. What music is this?
Hostess: Do you like it? It's Irish music?
Guest: It's great! Where did you get the CD?
Hostess: Erm - I think it was in the CD shop in the Mall. Have you been there?
Guest: Yes. I buy a lot of stuff from there. It's a good shop isn't it?
Hostess: Yes. Hey I've got some photos of our holiday in Ireland. Would you
like to see them?
Guest: Why not? I'd love to

Planning the shopping

Barry: I'm going to the shops in a minute. What do we need?
Valerie: We're okay for vegetables but we should stock up on meat. Can you
go to the butcher's and get some veal and some beef?
Barry: No problem. We also need bread so I'll go to the baker's. I'll get some
vol au vents* for Victor's birthday bash* on Friday. We'll need balloons for that
Valerie: better visit the supermarket then. We'll need some other things for the
party. Get some vanilla ice cream some butter and some vinegar and twelve
bottles of beer.
Barry: Okay. The library's beside the baker's. I'd better take back the videos
we borrowed last week. They're overdue.
Valerie: I'll see you later then.
Barry: Bye! I'll be back before seven

A wrong number

Melvin: Hello. Manchester 6739792.
Nancy: Hello. Is that Nicholas?
Melvin: Nicholas? Nicholas Nickleby? No. He doesn't live here any more. He's
moved to Morecombe.
Nancy: Never! Do you know his new number?
Melvin: Yes. I've got it somewhere. Let me see. Where did I put it? Ah - I
remember it's on the memo. Here it is. Do you have a pen to write it down?
Nancy: Yes I do. Go on.
Melvin: His number's 4945939.
Nancy: 4945939. Marvellous! Thanks for your help.

Making an appointment

Keith: Are you free on the thirteenth in the afternoon?
Cathy: No I'm afraid not. I'm meeting Ruth then. How about the fourteenth in
the morning?
Keith: I'm sorry. I'm attending a meeting at the Hilton then.
Cathy: What about the next day?
Keith: No. I'm busy then too. I'm meeting Dorothy Heath at North Bridge
Road. Are you free on Thursday afternoon?
Cathy: Yes I think I am. Let's meet for lunch at mouth restaurant.
Keith: Good idea! Is two o'clock okay?
Cathy: That's fine. See you there!

Ordering a meal.

Jean: Where shall we sit? Look! There are some free seats in the corner.
Jill: The seats by the window are better. It'll be cooler there.
Jean: Okay. What would you like to eat?
Jill: I'm really hungry. I think I'll have chicken and chips with baked beans.
Why don't you have chicken too?
Jean: I don't eat meat. It makes me ill. I'll have a cheese sandwich instead.
Jill: And what about drinks? I think I'll have some mint tea.
Jean: No that's really expensive! It's three dollars sixty cents! I'll have a
coffee; it's much cheaper.
Waiter: Good evening.
Jill: Good evening. We'll have one chicken and chips with baked beans and
one cheese sandwich please.
Waiter: No problem! What would you like to drink?
Jean: A mint tea and a coffee please. Oh - and please bring me some cream
for the coffee.
Waiter: Okay. let me repeat your order. One chicken and chips with beans
one cheese sandwich a mint tea and a coffee with cream.

Meeting an old friend

Sharon: How are you?
Steve: I'm fine thanks. How about you?
Sharon: I'm okay. What are you doing these days?
Steve: Not a lot actually. Busy at work of course - we've got a big project
coming up in Malaysia. I may have to go to KL in a few weeks.
Sharon: That's great. When are you starting?
Steve: Probably in a week or two. I'll let you know.

Ordering pie
Assistant: Can I help you?
Customer: Yes I'm in a bit of a rush. Could I have a piece of apple pie
Assistant: Certainly. Would you like it with cream?
Customer: No thanks.

How do you want your beef?

Waitress: Are you ready to order now?
Maria: Yes. I�ll have some salad roast beef and mashed potatoes.
Waitress: How do you want the beef? Rare medium or well-done?
Maria: Well-done. And easy on the salt please.
Waitress: Sure. Anything to drink?
Maria: Do you have coffee or tea? I�d like decaf.
Waitress: Yes we have both. Which one would you like coffee or tea?
Maria: Iced tea please. And easy on the ice.