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Yes still the same thinks. I said in my another latest 10 pm in modcp thread : This is not an immoral thing because this is the matter of taste. By means of this add-on admins and mods can control and ignore the users who flood say bad words. if members don't know you add this add-on there won't be any problem. If the Ziyaretçilere link gizlenmiştir görmek için ] wants to use this add-on he or she is free. I used this add-on but I don't have a bad intent. Everyone is FREE. All yours respectfully. This Add-on works % 99 but some of friends couldn't make it to work. I'm sorry I have nothing to do. I don't have so much time to argue this with you in forum. And this add-on only work MOD and ADMINCP and not another personal add-ons. Ummm may be is that add-on like Atakan's latest 10 pm for vB3 version but is this really different add-on and for modcp. (two place) If you want now please CLICK Mark As Installed download and go admincp's Plugin & product options and just import it. Don't forget and respect only administrators can see in admincp and only moderators can see in modcp members pms.

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Kaynak: Ziyaretçilere link gizlenmiştir görmek için ]